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9th December
Saturday saw the finish of the season with the AGM, a Closed Christmas Tournament and the full prize-giving.
The tournament saw fierce competition from 74 members for the traditional hams.  Jonathon Semmens carded an astonishing nett 61 to win pick of the  table just beating Ivan Jenkins, Judy Osborne and Yvonne Cowlrick, all nett 62. Another 31 players bettered nett par.
The Golfer of the Year titles were equally hard fought with Gavin Pitcon for the men triumphing and Judy Osborne and Yvonne Cowlrick tieing for the ladies title.
18th November

Saturday was the last day of our main season with 36 starters contesting the challenging course in a south-easterly. Five golfers performed admirably. Martin King beat Rene Rutten on countback, both having a nett 68. However, Ren Rutten had the satisfaction of 42 Stableford points to Kingo’s 40. Errol Martinez-Sweeney had a nett 69, Kent Pickett 70 and Peter Jackson 71.

We were pleased to welcome two new members: Ray Mettam from Whangamata and Grant Pope from Te Puke via Matamata.

Next Saturday is Men’s Closing Day, and for Saturday Ladies too. The feature will be the Captain v President Challenge. Players with a surname starting A to L will make up the Captain’s team and wear RED. The President’s team will all have a surname starting M to Z and wear BLUE. Tee times are 9.30-10.30.

Complicating the day will be two finals. The Higgens’ Trophy Matchplay is Alan Wiles v Johnathan Armstrong and the Williams Fourball Final is Alan Wiles & Kent Pickett v Johnathan Armstrong & Peter Jackson.  It seems Johno and Wildman are up to play both finals in the same round, both being stableford matchplay.  We may need to send a scorer with them.  The Williams Flight final is Bede Higgens & Ivan Wright v Gilbert Higgens & Robbie Williams. Tee times as soon after 09.30 as possible please.

It’s Closing Day so arrange your driver (car not club)!


Saturday 11th November

Dick Coleman won the Shoot-out beating Elder Boaza.  See the November Newsletter for more information.

Saturday 18th November wil feature the Williams 4-ball semifinals.


09.30       Bede Higgens/Wright v Adamson/McKoy

09.37       John Higgens/Sweeney Martinez v Gilbert Higgens/Williams


09.45       Wileman/Pickett v Scrace/Lotoa A

09.53       Luxton/Fort v Armstrong/Jackson 

Note that all play will give priority to the Women's Shootput final


Saturday 4th November

It was not good in three ways this week. The rain was awful, the greens flooded, 22 players started but not all finished (I think they all survived!). Through it all Lotoa had a nett 65 (43 points), despite a handicap cut of 3.  Gilbert Higgens managed a nett 71. Nothing else is worth reporting.


Saturday 28th October

More than 30 brave souls braved constant, although warm, drizzle to golf on a course playing long and difficult, after more than 40 mm rain the previous day. Lotoa Allimatafitafi conjured 44 points (his handicap is getting a haircut on Wednesday). On any other week Johnathan Armstrong (40 points with two 2s) and Mark King (also 40 points) would have taken home the major prizes. Iao Allimatafitafi, Bede Higgens, Bill Fort and Kent Pickett also beat their handicap.

Williams 4-ball matches for 4 November are

09.00 Hipperson/Blackstock v Wiles/Pickett

09.15 Mouqué/Metcalfe v Luxton/Fort

09.30 Boaza/I Allimatafitafi v Scrace/Lotoa Allimatafitafi

09.45 G Higgens/Williams v Armstrong/Jackson

The Shootout final is on 11 November with a scramble off the back 9 for on qualifiers and early losers. Williams 4-ball Round 3 is on 18 November.


Saturday/Sunday 14/15th October

What a weekend of golf at Walton! It was great to have a third successive weekend of golf in fine weather with many of our finest players involved. Saturday was packed with tough and tight semi-finals for the club championships and flights.

Most of the emphasis was on the club championships but the scramble resulted in Golfer of the Week Rodney Luxton on countback from Lee Mouqué (both nett 68). Other good scores were by Andrew McGiven and Johnathan Armstrong (nett 70) and Stephen Scrace (nett 71).  The course must have been tough as they were the only players to meet or better handicap. The competition for Wacker showed just how the course played with two (unnamed) players failing to get 20 points and others not much better.

Then there was Sunday. After a shower before play, the Westpac Club Championship finals were battled out on the course at its absolute best of grassy fairways, punishing rough, the first real run, and impeccable and speedy greens. Hugh congratulations are due to the winners and proper appreciation to the beaten finalists. Getting to the final is a worthy achievement.



Senior Champion - Andrew McGiven, runner-up Mike Buckman,

Intermediate Champion - Gavin Pitcon, runner-up Lee Mouqué

Junior Champion - Mark King, runner-up Stephen Scrace

Junior N Champion - Latoa Aliimatafitafi, runner-up Alan Blackstock

Flight winners - Mike Garrud, Charles Gibson, Gilbert Higgens and Ivan Jenkins


Silver Champion - Ann Needham, runner-up Dianne Sweeney

Bronze I Champion - Lee-Anne Pitcon, runner-up Rhonda Bates

Bronze II Champion - Judy Osbourne, runner-up Kate Hillerton

Bronze III Champion - Shirley Cornes, runner-up Jan Baigent

9-holers Champion - Bev King, runner-up Jenny Fairhill

Special congratulations to the Pitcons on both winning and to Lee Mouqué and Latoa Aliimatafitafi on a superb first season at Walton.

Saturday 7th October

Saturday’s Monthly Medal was enjoyed by a large field of nearly 50 golfers playing a course on great condition. Latoa Allimatafitafi certainly enjoyed it with a nett 65. Other Div 2 scores of note were from Peter Darragh (69), Elder Boaza 9&0 and Alan Blackstock, Peter Jackson and Ivan Wright (all 71).  Lee Mouqué (nett 68) won Div 1 followed by Bede Higgens (69), Gavin Pitcon and Don Highet (both 71).



Next week see the semi-finals (Saturday) and finals (Sunday) of the Westpac Club Matchplay Championships. Men, Ladies and 9-holers all have their own finals. Semi-finals are played over 18 holes and finals over 36 holes. Tradition is the that losing semi-finalists caddie for their conqueror.

Saturday also features Flight semi-finals with 18-holes finals on Sunday.

All are welcome to spectate on Sunday for what is always a great club event regularly featuring drama and surprises. Matches will conclude from about 2pm onwards.

Saturday matches (NOTE THE EARLY START):

08.50 G Wills v C Gibson; P Jackson v I Jenkins

08.58 M Buckman v M Western; M King v G Higgs

09.05 B Verryt v R Rutten; A Blackstock v W Raynel

09.12 Ladies 1

09.30 L Aliimatafitafi v I Wright; G Higgens v M Pike

09.38 D Highet v L Mouqué; A Wiles v S Scrace

09.45 Ladies 2

09.53 Ladies 3

10.00 K Braybrook v T Richards; M Garrud v J Higgens

10.08 I Aliimatafitafi v B Goodwin; K Pickett v P Hipperson

10.15 G Pitcon v B Higgens; R Western v A McGiven


Saturday 30th September

Club Champs brought out the highest number of golfers for weeks, or was it the sun? Some played strict matchplay but most joined the Scramble. Golfer of the Week was Ivan Wright (nett 67). Others in Div 2 playing well were Stu Gordon (68) then Elder Boaza, Kent Pickett, Phil Metcalfe and Graham Higgs. Bede Higgens won Div 1 (nett 68)  followed by Gavin Pitcon and John Adamson.

Club Champs matches for Saturday 7 October off no. 1 tee


09.30      G Pitcon v R Coleman; D Highett v R Luxton


09.38      M Begovich v B Higgens; J Adamson v L Mouqué


09.45      Ladies


09.53      Ladies


10.00      M King v J Semmens; A Wiles v P Metcalfe


10.08      P McKoy v G Higgs; A Cornes v S Scrace


10.15      M Buckman v J Armstrong; M Garrud v R Western


10.23      T Richards v M Western; J Higgens v A McGiven


10.30      P Witika v L Aliimatafitifa; P Darragh v A Blackstock

10.38      W Fort v W Raynell; I Wright v T Howard


Saturday 23rd September


Forty-two players revelled in real sunshine this week, enjoying the first decent golf day for some time. They did themselves and the course proud. Golfer of the week was John Higgens (nett 66) closely followed by the young pretender Bede (nett 68). Others in Div 1 doing themselves justice were Andrew McGiven (nett 69) and Mark Lewis, Tony Iverson, Steve Scrace and Rodney Luxton.

Did anyone notice the family hat-trick? Gilbert Higgens took out Div 2 (nett 68). Noticeable scores came from Elder Boaza, Iao Aliimatafitafi, Paul Hipperson and Graham Higgs.


Saturday 16th September


At last, some golf - forty men played; some well, some average and some a little indifferently.


Mark Lewis started early, and appeared waterproof braving the rain with no jacket in sight, to be golfer of the week, net 68. Terry Howard and Lee Mouqué scored net 69, followed by ‘long time no see’ Geoff Hicks and Don Highet (70), and Captain King (71) stopping the rapid slide in his handicap.

NOTE: Entries for Club Championships close next Saturday 23 September when the draw will be made.

Higgen’s Trophy matches for 23 September

09.39 J Stevens v S Scrace, G Pitcon v R Williams
09.46 Iao Aliimatafitafi
v G Bruce, R Rutten v L Douglas
09.53 I Jenkins v A Cornes, T Howard v R Coleman
10.00 I Wright v M Pike, M King v A Wiles
10.07 J Lurch v G Wills, J Armstrong v Latoa Aliimatafitafi

Saturday 9th September

Another wet Saturday just passed. Nine hardy souls played but no-one improved their handicap. Only one more handicap revision is due before the Club Championships and your division will be confirmed for that event. 

The first round of Club Championships for both Men and Women (18 hole) is due on 30th September (26th Tuesday Ladies). 

To enter please tell/call your Club Captiain on or before 23rd September when the draws will be made.

Next Saturday 16th September Higgens Trophy Matches are:
10.00am Ioa vs Tatua, G Bruce vs M Pike
10.07am Kingo vs Rene, L Douglas vs Wild Thing
10.14am Lurch vs Kiwi, G Wills vs S Scrace
10.21am Toot vs Jono, Latoa vs Mouse

Saturday 2nd September
Draw for the Higgens Trophy this weekend Saturday 9th September

Tee times:
10.00am I Jenkins vs Ioa 10am
10.07am Tatua vs A Cornes
10.15am T Howard vs R Williams
10.22am Latoa vs R Coleman

Good Luck to all those involved.