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Week ending 6th August:
Wilth weather being up and down numbers  have also fluctuauted but deservedly Anita Semmens came in as player of the week with a gross of 92,Nett 72. Carol Mahon who has recently won Player of the week at least twice lately just missed out by countback so well done Carol with a 72 Nett. Gay Pickett is on track for club champs and should be all recovered by Oct , scoring with a  nett of 74 as did Heather Sharp. Another one to watch out for in the future.

Wills Cup round 4 and the Final have been played at Putaruru and walton respectively. The Putaruru team played well and kept us in second position with Matamata close on our tails. The finals day team of Deb Ring, Dianne Sweeney, Karen Sweeney, Heather Sharp, Kay Stwevenson and Kay Stevenson fought well but couldn't manage to hang onto second place and came third by 4 points! Boohoo. Special  mentions to Karen & Heather who scored 22 points on the day and Kay 21 (out of 36). Great effort.

Our Weekday Pennant team played the final round at Ngaruawahia ( Dianne Sweeney, Mary Thomas, Judy Osborne and Barbara Boaza) and did not manage to come home with the goodies but enjoyed the lunch!

27/1st June
With a countback Rhonda Bates took out the best net of 72 from Kay Stevenson who had 37 stabbies. June Williams, Dianne & Karen Sweeney all had  35 ( good honest scores I say!) and Karo Preston, Tania Scott and LeeAnne Pitcon 34. Gay Pickett had a great moment and scored a Two hence winning all the balls in the kitty.
21/25th June
Another  great week for LeeAnne Pitcon who will be dining up large at Reboudt with  Net 72. Obviously ground conditions are getting harder, wetter so more work to get the points but we still have a happy bunch of winning ladies. Winning money were Dianne &Karen  Sweeney 35, Mary Thomas 34, Barbara Boaza, Heather Sharp, Judy Osborne and Val Wilcox on 33. There were no twos. Carol Mahon and Dianne Sweeney played the final of the Laurenson Vase and Dianne was lucky enough to win it on the 16th. Great match enjoyed by both.  ( Well maybe a little bit more by Di since she won  :) )
14/17th June
Same names seem to be up the top of the winnners board so obvioulsy they are on form. Redoubt winner was LeeAnne Pitcon with 69 Net. Followed by Barbara Boaza 37, Caro Smith 36, Judy Osborne 35, Tania Scott 35 and Lesley Carter 34. Tania and LeeAnne both had twos
7/11 June
 Walton Women have been turning up in force and some tough compettion occurring. This weeks lucky winner on a net 68 was Barbara Boaza so she will be heading off to redoubt for a  nibble. Caro smith was close behind with 36 stabbies showing us she still has it even though she hasn't been around a lot so far this year. Tania Scott had 34,LeeAnne Pitcon and Judy Osborne 33 and Ruth Berquist 32. Go Ruth.  Caro and LeeAnne shared the balls for Twos


Past Happenings

 Walton Womens  72 hole  4 Ball Best tournament has once again was very successful and lucky with the looming bad weather that didn't arrive :)  The winners are as listed below:

Div 1:  Winner: Celia Crawshaw (Omokoroa) and Chris McKenzie (Matamata)

Runner up : Janet Myers (Cambridge) & Chrissie Courtman (Hamilton)

Consolation: Deb Ring & Dianne Sweeney (Walton)

Plate: Shirley Kinnaird and Shelley Flintoff (Tirau)

Flight: Ann Needham (Walton) & Helen Paki Pake (Hamilton)

Plate of Flight: Debbie Adgo (Whnaga) & Lorriane Garland (Te Puke)

Consolation Flighgt: Pat Hay (Waihi) & Wendy Matutinovich (Waihi)

Flight of Plate: Sheelah Lamb & Susan Hancock (Matamata)

Special Flight: Miriam Corbett & Sharon Young ( Manukau)

DIV 2: Winner :  Jane Fraser & Dianne Douglas (Taumaranui)

Runner up: Carol Leary ( Waihi) & Marion Cleve (Taihape)

Consolation: Cheryl Foster  & Helen Bayne (Stewart Alex.)

Plate: Jeanette Fox & Jenny Shewan  (Hukunui)

Flight: Jackie Higgems & Dinny Gibbs ( Manaia)

Plate of Flight: LeeAnne Pitcon & Heather Sharp (Walton)

Consolation Flight: Jayne King & Robyn Anderson ( Tauranga)

Flight of Plate: Gaye Hart &Sharon Martin (Tauranga)

Special Flight: Judy Charlton (Turangi)& Gretel Dick (Martinborough)

DIV 3 : Winners: Karo Preston & Barbara Boaza (Walton)

Runner Up: Lynettte Boswell (Westown) & Jenny Braihwaite (Taumaranui)

Plate: Jaine Were (Remuera) & Genevive Davison (Wairakei Int)

Consolation: Fay Parton & Doris Mackie (Te Puke)

Flight of Plate: Sue Garden & Joanne Torvelainen (Tauranga)

There were 16 twos . Well done to all the winners and we hope all had a great time and looking forward to 2017 to do it all again.


Tuesday and Saturday golf is still moving along nicely and  the last winner in May of a Redoubt voucher was Heather Sharp with 36 points closely followed by LeeAnne Pitcon with 35