We’ve taken flight over our lush course and recorded the experience to show you what you’ve been missing out on...


Easy travelling distances from Hamilton, Tauranga and Auckland, discover the hidden gem of Waikato courses...


Programme: January to June 2018...

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Blue = Men. Green = Ladies. Red = Nine Hole Ladies.  Black = general


1 (Mon) New Years Day Mixed Open Tournament
25 (Thu) Challenge Matamata Twilight series commences
29 (Mon ) Anniversary Day Mixed Open



1 (Thu) Challenge Matamata Twilight series
3-5 (Sat-Mon) Mens Three Putt Trip
8 (Thu) Challenge Matamata Twilight series
10 (Sat) Club Opening Day - All Welcome
11 (Sun) Div 1 Championship Pennants at Riverside, Walton vs Ngaruwahia
         Div 4 Championship Pennants at Tirau
12 (Mon) 9 Hole Opening Fun Day - All Welcome
13 (Tue) Ladies Opening Day: , 
15 (Thu) Challenge Matamata Twilight series
17 (Sat) Monthly Medal, Patrons Trophy Round 1, James Cup Round 1,
Start of the Shootout and Ringers.

Scramble Monthly Gross
18 (Sun) Prebble Cup Walton vs Waihi at Te Aroha
19 (Mon) 9 Hole Fun Day
20 (Tue) Scramble Monthly Gross
22 (Thu) Challenge Twilight series
24 (Sat) James Cup Round 2
Nancy McCormack 36 holes foursomes Assemble 8.30
25 (Sun) Div 1 Championship Pennants at Matamata, Walton vs Cambridge
        Div 4 Championship Pennants at Coromandel, Walton vs Taumarunu
Championship Pennants at Ngaruawahia
26 (Mon) 9 Hole Fun Day
27 (Tue) Nancy McCormick 36 holes. Assemble 8.30am


(Thu) Womens Goodluck Tournament
3 (Sat) Monthly Medal, Patrons Trophy Round 2, James Cup Round 3
Scramble, 3 Putt trip
4 (Sun) Coring Week
Prebble Cup TBC
5 (Mon) Stableford Round 1 (F9)
6 (Tue) Visit Tirau TBC
10 (Sat) Visit Elsewhere, depends on coring
Walton Medal Round 1, LGU/Spoons, Putting Round 1, Shootout starts
(Sun) Div 1 Championship Pennants at Morrinsville Walton vs Morrinsville
         Div 4 Championship Pennants at Morrinsville, Walton vs Tirau
Handicap Pennants at Cambridge, Walton v Matamata

Championship Pennants at Riverside
12 (Mon) Putting Round 1
Weekday Pennants at Morrinsville
13 (Tue) Refer last Saturday (No Matchplay)
14 (Wed) Midweek
15 (Thu) Vets Pennants at Putararu
16 (Fri) Wills Cup at Tirau
17 (Sat) Scramble
Summer Cup Round 1, President’s Trophy Round 1, Brz3 Trophy Round 1, Saturday matchplay
18 (Sun) Prebble Cup, TBC
Championship Pennants at PioPIo Aria
19 (Mon) Scramble
Vets Pennants at Walton
20 (Tue) Refer to last Saturday
23 (Fri) 9 Hole Pennants at Hukanui, Walton v Hukanui
24 (Sat) Strokeplay Champs Round 1, Jenkins Putting Round 1
Walton Medal Round 2, President’s trophy Round 2, Monthly Gross, HOME LINKS COMP.
25 (Sun) Div 1 Championship Pennants at Cambridge, Walton vs Hamilton
         Div 4 Championship Pennants at Raglan, Walton vs Coromandel
Handicap Pennants at Paeroa, Walton v Cambridge

26 (Mon) Round 1 Handicap Champs (B9)
Weekday Pennants at Cambridge
27 (Tue) Refer to last Saturday
30-31 (Fri-Sat) 54 Hole Single Sex pairs and Mixed-pairs Open, Easter Tournament


3 (Tue) Scramble
6 (Fri) 9 Hole Pennants at Horsham Downs, Walton vs Waikare
7 (Sat) Monthly Medal, Strokeplay Champs Round 2, Patrons Trophy Round 3,
Jenkins Putting Round 2.

Summer Cup Round 2, Presidents Trophy Round 3, Bronze III Trophy Round 2.
8 (Sun) Div 1 Championship Pennants at Te Awamutu, Walton vs Riverside
         Div 4 Championship Pennants at Taumaranui, Walton vs Morrinsville
Handicap Pennants at Walton, Walton vs Paeroa
Weekend Pennants Round 1 at Matamata
9 (Mon) Handicap Champs and Plate Round 2 (B9)
10 (Tue) Refer to last Saturday
11 (Wed) Midweek Tournament
13 (Fri) Wills Cup at Walton
14 (Sat) Strokeplay Champs Round 3, Jenkins Putting Round 3, Qualifying for Friar Memorial
LGU/Silver Spoons, Putting Round2, Monthly Gross, Walton Medal Round 3.
15 (Sun) Prebble Cup TBC
Championship Pennants at Waitomo
16 (Mon) Handicap Champions Round 3 (B9)
17 (Tue) Refer to last Saturday
20 (Fri) 9 Hole Pennants at Walton, Walton vs Ngaruawahia
21 (Sat) Friar Memorial Round 1
Summer Cup Round 3, Bronze III Trophy Round 3
22 (Sun) Div 1 Championship Pennants at Walton, Walton vs Matamata
         Div 4 Championship Pennants at Walton, Walton vs Raglan
Handicap Pennants at Ngahinepouri, Walton v Ngahinepouri
23 (Mon) Gross Round 1 (F9)
24 (Tue) Refer to last Saturday
26-27 (Thu-Fri) Robert Harris Matamata Mens 72 hole 4BBB
28 (Sat) Friar Memorial Round 2
Summer Cup Round 4, Bronze III Trophy Round 4
29 (Sun) Prebble Cup Final, TBC
Championship Pennants Final, TBC
30 (Mon) Handicap Champs Round 4 (B9)
Vets Pennants at Matamata


1 (Tue) Refer to last Saturday
(Fri) Vets Open
National Teams Day, TBC
5 (Sat) Monthly Medal, Patrons Trophy Round 4, Jenkins Putting Round 4
Monthly Gross
6 (Sun) Div 1 Championship Pennants at Ngaruawahia, Walton vs Te Awamutu
         Div 4 Championship Pennants at Te Kowhai, Walton vs Te Kowhai
Handicap Pennants Semi Final TBC
Weekend Pennants at Te Awamutu
7 (Mon) Walton 9 Hole Tournament
8 (Tue) Refer to last Saturday
9 (Wed) Midweek Tournament Bruce Cup/Farmers Cup, Walton v Tahuna

(Fri) 9 Hole Pennants at Hamilton, Walton v Cambridge

9 Hole Pennants at walton. Course closed timm 1pm

12 (Sat) Friar Memorial Round 3
LGU/Silver Spoons Putting, Bronze III Higgens Trophy Round 1
14 (Mon) Stableford Round 2 (F9)
15 (Tue) Refer to last Saturday
17-18 (Thu-Fri) Walton Womens 72 hole 4BBB Tournament
19 (Sat) Scramble
Vets Trophy Round 1, Presidents Trophy Round 4, Bronze III Higgens Trophy Round 2

(Sun) Div 1 Championship Pennants Final, TBC
         Div 4 Championship Pennants Final, TBC
Handicap Pennants Final TBC


21 (Mon) Scramble
Weekday Pennants Final 2, TBC
22 (Tue) Refer to last Saturday
25 (Fri) 9 Hole Pennants at Ngaruawahia, Walton v Hamilton
26 (Sat) Scramble
Vets Trophy Round 2, Walton Medal Round 4
27 (Sun) Weekend Pennants at Hamilton
28 (Mon) Nett Round 1 (B9)
29 (Tue) Refer to last Saturday


2 (Sat) Scramble
4 (Mon) Queens Birthday
5 (Tue) Scramble
8 (Fri) 9 Hole Pennants Final, Venue TBC
9 (Sat) Monthly Medal, Patrons Trophy Round 5, Coleman Builders Round1
11 (Mon) Gross Round 2 (F9)
12 (Tue) LGU/Spoons
13 (Wed) Midweek Tournament
16 (Sat) Coleman Builders Round 2
Vets Trophy Round 4, Putting Round 4
18 (Mon) 9 Hole Pink Breakfast with 18 Hole Ladies
19 (Tue) Refer to Last Saturday
23 (Sat) Coleman Builders Round 3
Vets Trophy Round 5, Bronze III Winter Gross Round 1
25 (Mon) Nett Round 2 (B9)
26 (Tue) Refer to Last Saturday
29 (Fri) Wills Cup at Cambridge
30 (Sat) Coleman Builders Final
Vets Trophy Round 6